Your source for Custom Hose & Gasket, whatever your industry.

Hampton Rubber Company has 60 years of rugged, proven performance helping our customers with demanding applications. Serving private Industry and Government with a full range of industrial, marine and MIL Specification hydraulic products such as hoses, fittings, gasket materials and many other specialty items — our technicians and sales representatives on our staff have decades of experience. 

Providers of Innovative MRO & OEM Supply Chain Solutions

Here at Hampton Rubber, we understand that there is more to your industry than providing the proper industrial hose or gasket. That is why we also offer numerous added services to our customers, including hose asset management testing, tagging and tracking; OEM kitting and onsite hose testing and certification programs. Our value-add service programs are custom solutions, personally engineered to customer needs to provide you with 100% satisfaction.


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Hampton Rubber Company

60+ years experience serving the Marine Industry with MIL Spec and specialty custom hose.


Hydraulic, Industrial, Metal and Composite Hose


Trace-Ability Through Various Tagging Methods


Easily Locate Hose Documentation