Industries Served

No matter what industry, HRC speaks your language. The language of productivity.

Hampton Rubber Company has nearly 30 years of rugged, proven experience in a large number of demanding industries. And Hmapton Rubber will help improve your performance and productivity to a whole new level because we provide hose and gasket solutions engineered specifically for the way you work.

Oil & Gas/Petrochem

  • Upstream, midstream or downstream
  • Exploration, drilling, stimulation or production
  • OE or repair/reman
  • Hose for drilling operations, frac applications, transfer of cement/LPG/chemical/oil, gasoline dispensing and suction/discharge
  • Gasket and sealing technology engineered to your fluid specifications
  • Complete hose testing, recertification and management services too!

Marine/Dock Handling

  • Rugged marine hose and related products such as tubing, ducting, conduit and flexible wet exhaust connnectors
  • We design, specify, source, private label, and certify


  • Onroad, offroad or rail
  • Loading, unloading and all transfer applications
  • Petroleum, chemical, and dry bulk solids. Also food and beverage applications.
  • The sizes, pressure ratings, tube, cover, flexibility, long-lasting durability and service support your operations demand.

Mobile Construction/Mining

  • High and low pressure hydraulic hose systems to handle extreme conditions
  • Specialized hose and fittings for turbo and charge air coolers, heater circuits, and coolant system connections at temperatures from -65 to 500 F
  • Abrasion resistant covers for maximum service life

HRC has experience and solutions designed for your application – and the way you work.

Contact us for a no-obligation assessment of your hose or gasket application. Whether it’s a productivity issue, challenging specification, safety concern, or something that just isn’t working quite right, HRC stands ready to assist.

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