Industrial Water Discharge Hose for Chillers | EPDM/SBR Tube, 1.5″ ID, TEXTILE Reinforcement | 150 psi, -25°F to 180°F |

Industrial Water Discharge Hose for Chillers | EPDM/SBR Tube, 1.5″ ID, TEXTILE Reinforcement | 150 psi, -25°F to 180°F |

This heavy-duty water discharge hose is designed for use with chillers. The rugged construction is designed for repeated use. The EPDM tube and cover are formulated to handle glycol solutions used in chiller applications vs. a SBR commonly found in rubber water discharge hoses.

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Introducing our top-of-the-line water discharge hose, engineered with grit and designed to seamlessly integrate with chillers. This industrial product boasts a rugged construction that is built to withstand prolonged use in heavy-duty applications, making it an indispensable tool for all your chiller needs.

The hose features an EPDM tube and cover, which is custom-formulated to tackle glycol solutions – a marked improvement over the SBR commonly found in most rubber water discharge hoses. Whether you’re in HVAC, general manufacturing, construction or other industries, this hose’s superior capabilities make it the optimal choice for your water discharge needs.

With a burst ratio of 03:01:00 and the ability to weather temperatures ranging from -25°F to 180°F, this versatile hose is both sturdy and adaptable. The inside diameter of 1.5 inches and the outside diameter of 1.82 inches make it the ideal diameter for a wide range of applications. This hose can withstand pressure up to a whopping 150 psi, making it a reliable workhorse for heavy-duty tasks.

Carrying a load doesn’t have to be tough with this hose. It only weighs in at a meager 0.99 lbs/ft, making it easy to move around and manoeuvre. That’s not all – this highly functional hose is compatible with a vast range of commercial and industrial applications, making it a suitable fit for businesses of all sizes.

Suppose you require a water discharge hose that can handle the rigours of handling glycol solutions frequently found in chiller systems. In that case, this reliable product should be your go-to hose of choice. Invest in our heavy-duty water discharge hose today, and upgrade your chiller system’s overall performance!

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