Heavy Duty Wire Reinforced Air Hose with Pin Pricked Cover | 5002-0200-0600-GJX-GJS | 600 PSI | NBR Tube | WIRE BRAID Reinforcement | -22°F to 180°F

Heavy Duty Wire Reinforced Air Hose with Pin Pricked Cover | 5002-0200-0600-GJX-GJS | 600 PSI | NBR Tube | WIRE BRAID Reinforcement | -22°F to 180°F

This heavy duty wire reinforced air hose with a pin pricked cover is specifically designed for use in compressed air service in industrial, construction, drilling and mining applications. The ozone and abrasion resistant cover holds up to the toughest applications.

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Black NBR




-22°F to 180°F

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Behold the 5002-0200-0600-GJX-GJS, an industrial-grade, heavy-duty air hose fortified with durable wire reinforcement that is perfect for compressed air applications in various industrial settings. This impressive air hose is sturdily built to withstand harsh conditions in industries such as construction, drilling, and mining. The hose is made exceptionally flexible with a pricked cover, and its material is famous for being resistant to ozone, abrasion and high-powered movements.

This formidable air hose presents a long-lasting solution to all your air hose needs, with a temperature rating of ‘-22°F to 180°F and a burst ratio safety factor of 04:01:00. The black NBR tube is highly tolerant to varying temperatures and environments, and its wire braid reinforcement provides the much-needed strength and protection against external factors that may potentially damage the hose.

Our industrial air hose is designed with impressive specifications in mind. With an ID (in) of 2 and an OD (in) of 2.5, this air hose can withstand high pressures of up to 600 psi. The hose’s 15 bend radius ensures greater flexibility plus kink protection, making it the perfect choice for demanding industrial applications. This quality air hose is part of our Premade Industrial Hoses collection and is available under our Wire Braided Air category.

Expect easy installation and immediate use with the 5002-0200-0600-GJX-GJS air hose once delivered to you. Its robust construction ensures minimal maintenance, reducing the need for frequent replacement and maintenance costs, saving you time and money.

This air hose brings an unmatched level of reliability, flexibility, and durability than most conventional industrial hoses. Don’t wait; order the 5002-0200-0600-GJX-GJS heavy-duty wire reinforced air hose today and elevate your business operations to greater heights.

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