Heavy Duty Wire Reinforced Air Hose for Compressed Air Service – 3″ ID x 3.7″ OD, 600 PSI, NBR Tube, Wire Braid Reinforcement

Heavy Duty Wire Reinforced Air Hose for Compressed Air Service – 3″ ID x 3.7″ OD, 600 PSI, NBR Tube, Wire Braid Reinforcement

This heavy duty wire reinforced air hose with a pin pricked cover is specifically designed for use in compressed air service in industrial, construction, drilling and mining applications. The ozone and abrasion resistant cover holds up to the toughest applications.

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Black NBR




-22°F to 180°F

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Introducing the 5002-0300-0300-GJX-GJS, a heavy-duty air hose reinforced with wire that is designed to perform in an array of demanding industrial applications including construction, mining, and drilling. This wire braided hose boasts of a versatile design, highly durable construction, and superior resistance to damage, thereby providing reliable service that your operations will depend on.

The hose features a pin-pricked cover, which shields it from the roughest environments. Whether you are working in areas of high traffic or harsh conditions, you can be sure of lasting service from this hose. Additionally, its tube, which is made of black NBR, provides ozone and abrasion resistance, ensuring you get optimal use even when exposed to heavy wear and tear.

This flexible hose’s wire braid reinforcement not only enhances its strength, but it also provides superior protection against pressure and external forces. It can conveniently handle temperatures that range between -22°F to 180°F, making it ideal for use in varying weather conditions.

It’s worth noting that the hose measures 3 inches in diameter, and with an outer diameter of 3.7 inches, it delivers unfaltering operations even under intense pressure, withstanding up to 600 psi. Moreover, the hose features a burst ratio of 04:01:00 that offers an extra layer of safety, making it ideal for high-pressure applications.

Notably, the 5002-0300-0300-GJX-GJS is crafted with a bend radius of 35, making it flexible and fit for use in tight spaces without kinking. You can confidently rely on this hose for its superior strength, resistance to pressure surges, durability, and flexibility.

Ultimately, this industrial hose is part of our premade industrial hose range, well-suited for wire braided air assemblies and wire braided air applications. So when you need an incomparably strong air hose that provides optimal performance in harsh industrial environments, trust the 5002-0300-0300-GJX-GJS to deliver an exceptional and indispensable performance.

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