PVC Polyester Sewn Ducting for Temporary Air Systems – UL94VTM-O Flame Resistant – 24in ID, 25ft Length, Steel Helix – 29 Vacuum Rating

PVC Polyester Sewn Ducting for Temporary Air Systems – UL94VTM-O Flame Resistant – 24in ID, 25ft Length, Steel Helix – 29 Vacuum Rating

This sewn ducting is designed for air in temporary ducting systems. For use with air movement, air conditioning and dehumidification. PVC polyester has excellent UV resistance. Large pitch allows for significant compression and flexibility. Meets flame resistant UL94VTM-O, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA701 specifications

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13 lbs
25 in
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PVC Polyester




-20°F to 180°F

ID (in)


Vacuum Rating


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Discover D005224-2400, the industrial-grade sewn ducting system that professionals swear by. This temporary ducting solution delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of applications, from air movement to dehumidification and air conditioning.

Crafted with high-quality PVC polyester, this product boasts remarkable UV resistance properties, ensuring its durability in extreme outdoor environments. Its large pitch enables significant compression and flexibility, making it ideal for quick assembly and transportation to multiple job sites. The UL94VTM-O, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA701 certifications demonstrate the unparalleled safety standards that this ducting system adopts.

Constructed with premium-grade PVC polyester and reinforced steel helix, this ducting guarantees long-lasting durability and strength that can surpass multiple environmental conditions. It provides optimal performance across an extensive temperature range (-20°F to 180°F), making it easy to work with, whatever the situation at hand.

The ducting measures 24 inches in ID, with an impressive 29 vacuum rating, a pitch of 6 inches, and a weight of 13 pounds. Measuring 25 feet long, D005224-2400 is a robust and reliable ducting system designed to tackle larger industrial projects with ease.

Thus, D005224-2400 is the ideal solution for your industrial air movement requirements. It boasts exceptional flexibility, durability, and safety certifications, allowing you to focus more on your job and less on the ducting system. Buy this product today and experience seamless industrial productivity in your job sites.

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