Clear PVC FDA Compliant Steel Helix Hose for Liquid Food Transfer – 1.25″ ID x 1.75″ OD, 70 PSI, 29″ Vacuum, Lightweight & Flexible

Clear PVC FDA Compliant Steel Helix Hose for Liquid Food Transfer – 1.25″ ID x 1.75″ OD, 70 PSI, 29″ Vacuum, Lightweight & Flexible

A lightweight PVC hose with steel helix for vacuum service. Meets FDA requirements. For use with liquid food transfer and light chemical transfer applications where weight and flexibility are desired.

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Clear PVC FDA Compliant




25°F to 150°F

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Introducing the M016103-125 lightweight PVC hose, a game-changer that tackles vacuum service in the food and chemical transfer industry with ease. Boasting a steel helix that dramatically enhances its durability, this hose is the perfect solution for moving your liquid food and light chemicals, and it meets strict FDA requirements to ensure your safety.

Beyond its impressive safety features, the M016103-125 hose is also incredibly lightweight and flexible, ensuring effortless maneuverability to meet your needs. With a temperature range of 25°F to 150°F, this hose is the go-to choice for applications that require the capability to withstand extreme temperatures. Additionally, this hose has a remarkable pressure rating of 70 psi that provides unrivaled reliability when transporting liquids or chemicals through your system.

Unlike other hoses that may compromise your safety or offer minimal visibility of the contents flowing through them, the M016103-125 hose has a clear PVC tube that ensures excellent visibility of the liquid within it. This tube’s transparency also enables you to spot any issues you may have quickly, making maintenance more manageable and reducing any potential damages.

The M016103-125 hose’s safety burst ratio of 03:01:00 and a vacuum rating of 29 further bolster its dependability, offering maximum protection to the users and the system. With its exceptional features, this versatile and flexible hose is a perfect pick for those who require a reliable and durable option.

Invest in the best and choose the M016103-125 clear PVC hose, the ideal hose for food and chemical transfer applications requiring a reliable, durable, flexible, and FDA-compliant solution. Don’t settle for less! Upgrade your system with the M016103-125 hose today.

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